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Well, this has a very and odd feel to it because this website is not about me, its about you. Presumably you're reading this because you want to know a little about who put it all together:

A little background information might help you get a feel for who I am. I was born in 1960; and back then I would have been regarded as your typical working class lad from my home town of Wolverhampton here in England.

I left school just as the industrial landscape changed in the UK. Lots of large employers were closing down both in my home town, and around the country and moving to countries where it was cheaper to operate. It was difficult to find permanent work and after being made redundant from a few great jobs I was fortunate enough to be accepted as a recruit by the West Midlands Fire Service. I continued in service for 30yrs in all (retiring in 2014). During that time I rose through the ranks and became responsible for delivering the training and supporting the development of my personnel at station level, and evenually, becoming instructor to facilitate training and assessment at all senior levels within several brigade's from around England.

Life has continued to open up opportunities for me to explore and grow as a person. Challenges have come along, as they do for everyone, yet they have often been packaged with opportunities concealed inside.

Lately, I have come to realise that we are all here on a journey of discovery and it has now become part of my journey to help you in any way I can with yours - which is why I put this web site together.

All the best,


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Our goal is always to make 'quality' the byword of all that we do. Please be assured that our aim is to deliver affordable value in all of our goods and services and then to quickly resolve any issues in the unlikely event that they occur.