Gems of wisdom for joyful living:

06 Aug 2020

Finding joy in the moment.

Normal biochemistry responds to real or imagined threats in the same way, releasing all kinds of chemicals to get you ready to tackle a perceived danger. Yet, if you don't need them those very same chemicals can remain and over time they can cause harm to your body and mind. The simplest way to usurp this anxious process is to teach yourself some simple techniques of relaxation; here are a few help you on your way:

Take time to Pause

A central belief of NLP (Nuero-Linguistic Programming) is that meaning is context-dependent and you change the meaning of information within any context by thinking differently about it (called 're-framing').

Example: Imagine that you fight your way through morning traffic only to arrive at work late and stressed out. When you reach work – take time to pause and change your mindset – take a breathe – and aim to leave the stress behind you (don't take it into the workplace). This simple pause will allow you the time to change your auto-response to stress and allow you to enter your workspace feeling happier and fully engaged and not saying out responses you might not have thought through properly.

Learn to meditate

Meditation is a mental discipline that has been around for many years (the first written records being in India; 5000yrs ago). By letting go of your normal, reflexive, thinking mind it is possible to reach a deeper state of awareness, and from there a true form of relaxed state can emerge.

Many religions practice meditation and it is also used in secular contexts for self-development and healing. There is much to explore within this fascinating subject and I encourage you to take time to explore it and make yourself open to its multi-layered benefits for mind, body, and spirit.

Walking in nature and mindfulness/ gratitude

In our mechanised world we have come to forget the undeniable truth about our lives and we tend to live as though we are separate from nature. Yet; nature is all around us and with us always. Our bodies and minds arose from those elements of that natural environment and we are intrinsically at one with the wonderful awe inspiring web of life that is always much greater than any individual self.

By paying attention to what surrounds us (as we walk around), with kindly curiosity, we enter what has been described as a walking meditation. This state allows us to experience the unfolding moment in a mindful and grateful way. To revel in the visual splendour and its breathtaking beauty (from the smallest leaf and creature to the largest vista). The benefits of feeling happier whilst immersed in our own natural well-being has been shown over and over again. A simple walk in nature is a celebration and expression of gratitude for the unfathomable opportunity we have all been gifted within our lifetime: life itself!


The last of our suggestions is 'Forgiving': This forgiveness does not mean forgetting (or condoning inexcusable offences). Its not about reconciliation or condoning the actions of the person that has grieved you. Forgiveness is all about peace and understanding and about taking things less personally.

Carl Jung said, “I am not what happened to me , I am what I choose to become”. There are lessons in that for all of us: to let go of whatever it is that is holding us back from experiencing our true self.

The unwillingness to forgive will keep you locked in a past event and prevent you from moving forward with your life. If for no other reason than that, forgive and let go. Instead of looking for retribution; look for love, beauty, and kindness within each situation (especially where you believe you have been wronged). Put your energy into appreciating what you HAVE instead of what you don’t have; and use the information you've gained to amend the way you look at your past life.

.. remember to do what makes you happy .. and to not take yourself too seriously.

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